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500 Cuts Rum

This authentic, handcrafted rum exists to subvert the Status Quo when it comes to the bloodline of this spirit. Distilled in the world’s first triple-bubble still, after a five-day fermentation it is then double-pot distilled to create a white rum rich in flavour of tropical fruit and dark berries.
The BrewDog Distilling Co team then infuse a combination of this white rum with Tonka beans, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and spices; the remainder is pot-distilled with an abundance of fresh orange peel, Schezuan peppercorn, green cardamom and cloves. The result is a full-flavoured blended botanical rum that is real in every sense. Free from artificial ingredients, full of spice and citrus zest; it is a product of meticulous craft.
Stijl Gedestilleerde drank
ABV 40%
Inhoud Fles, 70cl

€ 42,75

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