Goede voornemens voor 2021? Bekijk onze alcoholvrije of -arme bieren.  


Aristakrat is an organic bourbon barrel-aged cider made from selected Danish eating apples like Arista and Rød Aroma and a pinch of cider apples.
After a year on oak the wild cider was bottled with fresh Holsteiner Cox juice from the small island of Lilleø. Second fermentation in the bottle and disgorgement.
It is a complex and tart cider with a lambic nose, a bit of funk and milky richness from malolactic fermentation in the cask. A real bone-dry gentleman with impeccable manners and a truly funky soul.
Stijl Cider
ABV 5.9%
Inhoud Fles, 75cl

€ 22,50

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